What are the different types of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services?

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services is the process of solving the dispute by using the methods of mediation and arbitration rather than litigation. Parties should seek help through a dispute resolution company before going to court. They will help in solving their issues easily and quickly.

An alternative dispute resolution service can be classified in different ways. Let’s explore them.


Mediation is the process in which a third party solves disputes between the two parties or businesses. The mediator will help in ending up by solving the disputes. The mediator will solve the disputes by discussing the problems openly with both parties. In some cases, courts require parties to take help of mediation services before coming to them. Parties may refuse mediation; in these instances, a lower view is taken by the court and they are penalized with costs.

Mediation should be used when parties want to solve disputes without hampering their relationships. If business partners, neighbor’s, or family members have a dispute, mediation will be the best option.


Arbitration is the process of solving the dispute between the parties by a third party. Arbitration solves the disputes as they have skill and knowledge in the field. They hear opinions from both sides and then decide what the outcome should be.

Both the parties can present proof and evidence and discussion between the parties is not allowed. Arbitration can be binding or non-binding.

In binding arbitration, the parties have to accept the decisions of the arbitrator. The parties have no right to solicit the decisions.

In non-binding arbitration, the parties can request an inquiry, if they are not satisfied by the decision of the arbitrator.


Conciliation is a well-known form that helps in solving disputes in employment. The conciliator will talk over the issues and then come to an agreement. Following the assertion of the situation, they usually offer opinions. By obtaining the opinions of the conciliator, both parties will be able to recognize their respective positions in the dispute and come to an agreement.

Neutral evaluation

Neutral evaluation is a process in which each party presents its issues in front of a neutral party. The neutral party gave their opinion by determining the strengths and weaknesses and evidence of both the parties. If you are facing any technical issue, the neutral evaluation will be best and there are no personal and emotional hurdles.

There are many dispute resolution companies in the UK. If you are going through any of the problems, you can seek the help of a dispute company. They will solve your problem by understanding your issues and trying to bring both parties together. Whether you want a mediator or a conciliator, dispute resolution companies will offer you everything. Rather than going to a court, a dispute company will be a great option as they offer many benefits which a court cannot give. Without hampering your privacy and negative image in the market you will come to an agreement.

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