commercial mediation

Our service is designed to be quick, easy to follow and to be carried out, online, wherever possible. In that way, we can offer a quality service at an economic rate.

The service involves listening to each party to a dispute and trying to bring those parties together. The mediator is not there to decide an argument, there are no complicated legal papers to complete and the mediator will guide you through each step.

At Company Mediation, we take great steps to make sure that you understand the process, that you have time to get your points across and understood and that we give you the best opportunity to find a way out of the problem which has arisen.

Mediation only works if both parties are willing and open to find an acceptable solution.


You contact us.

• You agree with the other side to use our services.

• We’ll have an initial chat with you and with the other side.

• We’ll arrange a meeting.

• We’ll host the meeting.

• We’ll have discussions.
with the other side present and with you and the other side alone.

• We’ll do our best to find a solution to the problem.

We don’t decide who’s right or wrong – that’s why we have Courts and judges.

We keep your secrets, you can use mediation and it will have no effect on any Court proceedings, if it doesn’t work.

We’re not lawyers and we speak your language.