Successful Negotiation

Mediation Strategies: Proven Steps for a Successful Negotiation

Merely solving disputes is not the only duty of a mediator. Professional mediation services facilitate successful negotiations by drawing up some smart strategies. The goal of each party is to reach a fair conclusion where neither of them feels dissatisfied. That can only be made possible with a sound mediation strategy.

The steps to a successful negotiation:

Initiate the mediation: The very common reason why mediations are sometimes avoided is the belief that both the parties are “too far apart”. In reality, many arguments are just emotion-based rather than reason-based. Once these emotions are overcome, it is easier to get to a conclusion.

Set aside enough time: Mediation happens with an open mind. Setting unrealistic expectations and time limits might be the wrong way to approach it. So setting aside enough time to explore the issue and not trying to rush the process is vital.

Prepare your client: Before the mediation, you should go over a few things with your client. The client has to understand that mediation is not like a court proceeding and that the mediator’s role is to stay neutral and not decide who is wrong or right.

The opening statement: The mediation generally begins with a joint session where each side makes a presentation that resembles presenting to a jury. A good opening statement is important as it sets the tone for a productive mediation. A good opening statement should be based upon facts and not theories or allegations.

 Zone of Bargaining: Getting to the zone of bargaining as soon as possible would be beneficial for both parties. Usually, the first move is made by the claimant by offering to reach a reasonable settlement. This shows the other party that you’re seriously interested in compromising.

Many people are only willing to bargain once they see the date of trial approaching and want to avoid the uncertainties of it. Hiring professional mediation services could be the right way to go about it.


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