When two people are at loggerheads, they stand no chance of solving an issue between them. Each will take every opportunity to attack the other and all that does is to inflame a bad situation.

Mediation can help, but how?

Mediation is about letting people speak. Trying to help them get their anger out but, at the same time, trying to help them find out what’s important to them.

Here at Company Mediation, we take time to get to know each side in a mediation, we try to understand them and the issues they have. We rarely look at the problem, until we know why the parties have fallen out. Often, we find that small things have become big because of a careless word or a small misunderstanding. It can be a case where a simple apology is called for or an understanding of the other side’s position.

Of course, you do find people who refuse to move, under any circumstances but, even then, conversation can help find a route through an otherwise impossible problem.

By taking time to get to know our clients, gaining their respect, the team at Company Mediation can usually find some common ground on which to build. Common ground which can be used to avoid expensive forms of dispute resolution and to build a solution acceptable to both sides.

Company Mediation has been formed by a retired solicitor and a psychologist. Together they have encountered most problems which business can bring. Using their combined skill sets, they can provide an inexpensive and quick settlement to most disputes.

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