We like to be clear about all parts of our services and our fee structure is just the same.

We charge fixed fees for all our mediation work, you will see them below. At this stage, they are not subject to VAT, as we limit the work we do each year.

Typically, each party to a dispute will pay an equal amount for the mediation. Fifty per cent, if there are two parties, and 33% if there are three parties. Payment must be made before we conduct the mediation.

In addition to our fee, if you wish to have a face to face mediation, we will add room hire, refreshment and travelling costs. Again, we expect these to be paid equally and before the mediation.

You can cancel the mediation at any time before we have travelled to it. We will refund the fee and the amount we can recover from any expenses we have incurred. Once the mediation has begun, even if we cancel it, the fee is not refundable.

We are unable to offer a discount on the fees we charge and, if the mediation runs over the allotted time (4 hours for a half day and 8 hours for a full day) we will charge each additional hour, or part of an hour, at £150.

The Fees

Online half day £450
Online full day £850
Face to face half day £600
Face to face full day £1,000

Room hire, refreshment costs will be charged at cost. Travelling within the M25 is included. Outside the M25, travelling costs will be charged at 50p per mile. If an overnight stay is needed, we will charge reasonable hotel and subsistence fees